How to see the arrival of money on the card of Sberbank?

  1. How to find out the latest receipts on the Sberbank card:

Waiting for a money transfer - it is always an exciting moment and any of us would like to be the first to know that the card has been replenished. But not everyone wants to splurge on SMS notifications - alerts are impractical, as long as there are more convenient ways to find out how money is received on the Sberbank card.

We will tell you how to see the history of the Sberbank card replenishment, when the bank notifies about transfers, and how to find out about the funds received before others without connecting an SMS service.

If you are a “full” package user mobile bank , SMS notification you will receive for each operation. If you save 49 rubles per month - SMS will be, but not for all receipts.

The client will receive a message with the “economy” tariff if the transfer is made by an individual - for example, a friend will send the money. If the sender is a legal entity - for example, your employer, you will not receive an SMS.

  • Sberbank Online
  • Service "900"
  • "Piggy bank"

The easiest way is to use Sberbank Online. You can visit your personal account from any device - from a mobile phone, tablet, computer: it's free, you only pay for internet traffic. The number of inputs is not limited.

How to find out the latest receipts on the Sberbank card:

Click on the map to see the last 5-10 operations:

Or, open the full bank statement for the required period (for more information on how to view the Sberbank account receipts - in this article )

When there is no internet or not installed Sberbank online - how to view the arrival of funds? SMS service will help you: send a request "Balance" to number 900 and receive a message about the account balance. For users of economy package SMS paid - at the rate of your operator.

The third, not quite ordinary way - for those who in principle do not spend money on SMS alerts. Sberbank offers a free service "Piggy" - this service deducts the percentage set by the user to the savings account. Each depositing of the piggy bank account is accompanied by a sms message. That is, by setting (for example) a deduction of 50 rubles from each income - you will not only accumulate a “stash”, but you will be aware of all the deposits of your account (the main thing is free!).

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